Thursday, March 12, 2020

As part of the Toronto Marathon’s commitment to a safe and welcoming race environment, We have been in consistent communication regarding the COVID-19 outbreak globally.  We are familiar with global guidelines from WHO as well as recommendations forwarded by World Athletics.  Further, ongoing updates are being received from the Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada, Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health. Many of you are probably very aware of various events, national organizations and even entire countries that are taking extensive care to ensure the decreased probably of exposure and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  Since we are an event of mass-gathering, the Toronto Marathon will continue to follow events globally and look for continued direction to ensure the safety of our participants, volunteers and spectators.

Please continue to check here for updates

About Running First

Running First Ltd. organizes the GoodLife Fitness Toronto Marathon, Toronto 5K, the Holly Jolly Fun Run, and Collingwood Half Marathon as well as consults to a variety of events spanning the globe. Running First continues to organize Toronto’s premier race events with the philosophy that the runner comes first. We are driven by the thousands of inspiring stories that our participants have provided to us over the years.


Jay Glassman,
Race Director
Running First Ltd.



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